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So I ordered front and back kits off the net at the start of December and they've finally come through
Today is the first day of my holidays so I'm like sweet perfect timing, call my mate over, set the bike up in the garage and start getting to it.

I went off this guide: http://www.newninja.com/modifications/diy-installing-rear-lowering-links/

First problem was that I didn't have any 17mm or 19mm wrenches, so had to head out to buy those
Came back and was able to get the first nut off (the lower bolt) by just putting the wrench on and giving a swift kick

Second problem arose when we came to the higher bolt, the nut is in a really awkward position, I have a yoshi exhaust so it was well and truly obscured on all sides

So my mate and me couldn't do the "swift kick to the nuts" method and had to rely on brute strength and pressure
Well instead of coercing the nut to loosen up (even with sprays) we ended up rounding the nut off so now it's well and truly stuck there.

The guide noted that the nuts do take a bit of persuading but this is rediculous!

After going around talking to some of the bike shops I got a suggestion to grab a vice grip and sink its teeth into the nut (lol this sounds so graphic :eek:) and approach taking it off by twisting the bolt instead from the other side (where there is no exhaust and can get good space to kick down)

Thought I'd share that will you guys, I'll take a photo of the nut once I get it off, I hope I don't have to take it into a mechanic just to get this damn nut off :S

My solution:

I solved this problem by getting a vice grip and clamped it very tightly onto the nut, then loosened the bolt itself from the other side, worked a treat!

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damn seg!! yeh you have to be really careful about rounding them off they dont use the best quality of metals for these bikes!
you could invest in a cheapish torque wrench?

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We have all been there! Lots of different things you can try.

Nut breaker

Gator Grip

I had a lock nut on a set of mags on my old car, and no matching locknut socket... so a hammer and close sized socket later and I was all good :D

Angle grinder, drill and tap, vise grips...

You'll get it! Oh and go buy a torque wrench, and not a cheap one :p


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