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Ok done my reasearch found out I can turbo my 11 now as this will be my first shot at this amongst having 5 bikes I NEED HELP I have found kits from 5-6k.

Now for the questions.
Is it worth it
Is it street legal
How hard it instal

Any help comments concerns or any in put on this bike at all is great as I dont know much on these 1100 because as byte told me theyre decently rare so please oh please help me with parts set ups turbo insight and also have another bike I wants to add nitrous to another one or 3 of my bikes ao any infor on any of this is great thanks brothers and sister ride safe...

P.s this is coumtry in the city

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They are street legal bud. I have personally never owned a bike with a turbo but have seen several riders with them. They were all very fast lowered and some were stretched. I'm sure this is due to the traction issue. However, I'm not sure about much else. I do have a buddy I went to high school with who has a custom turbo and supercharger shop where he patent'd some turbo or supercharger parts. He may be able to help. I'll get the info and post it on here
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