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96 zx7r rebuild project

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Hey guys. I just traded a 72 Honda xl 250 for a 96 zx7r. Wow, it has no fairings and won't start. I'm replacing one of the ignition coils. Is there a way to find out which coil is #1$4 and which is #2&3? One has a green wire connected and the other red. Thanks
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erm, are the old plugs/wires still plugged into the engine and wired to the coils? Couldn't you just trace them? Usually the wires are also of a specific length, so they only fit in there one way particular way... Concerning green and red wire, I don't know. On the 250 the green wire is on the cylinder 1 side, but there are only 2 cylinders so it could go either way to infer for your bike.
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