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95 zx6r (f1)

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I've gotten to a point of frustration I have redone the carburetors completely I have eliminated the heavy lag on the throttle and also eliminated the extremely high float when releasing the throttle however I'm still finding it drop down to 3000 RPM and it takes a while before it'll drop back down to 2000 and idle.. any ideas I am at all stock 150 s in the middle 145s on the two outer for Main jet number 35 pilot and I have had to seat my mixture screws all the way just to get it to not smell or smoke or literally spit fuel out the muffler that problem is also now solved the exhaust smells acceptable no longer spitting smoke or leaving soott I'm still getting that float at 3,000 before it goes down after a while (anywhere 10 - 90 seconds )..that is the last problem I have to make this bike running flawless..where I live is 4200 to 5500 altitude.
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I think in order for an engine coolant temperature sensor to provide correct values to the ECU, the sensor should be immersed in coolant at all times. Probably you can check on it. All the best.
It's a 1995 there is hardly a thermostat sensor at all. Found my problem for the final issue my cables weren't routed perfectly so there were minor binds that didn't catch every time tricking me into thinking there were still engine problems.
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