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92 ZX-11C Air Filter

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Hey guys,

In first gear she's a bit 'sluggish' but after around 2.5k RPMs are hit it's like a champ. Was told it could be a dirty air filter so just curious on how to get it out of there!--Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks friends. :thumb:
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You have to remove the seat and tank to get to the air filter housing.


Thanks Ghost! Greatly appreciated.
Moved to off 250 tech... How 'bout some pics of when you do it, maybe a little "how to" write up for future members?
I would love to hear how you make out with cleaning the air filter and some pointers.
I'm also a 92 ZX11C pilot. I'm good with the oomph on tap right now, but I know it's just a matter of time before I have to go in after the air filter. Something I'm nervous about doing.
Well, I did the deed yesterday on my ZX-11C. Well, half-did.

The stupid OEM filter disintegrated when I pulled it out. Now I'm waiting for an aftermarket replacement to arrive before I stitch everything back together.

I did find that this is NOT a job for the faint of heart. I would not describe it as difficult, but if it's your first time you will definitely need to budget a couple of hours to complete the job.

Actually cleaning and oiling the element is quick. What takes all of the time is disassembly of everything to GET TO the air cleaner. I can totally understand how this job would intimidate a first timer. You have to work around all sorts of hoses and wires, remove a lot of the outside plastic and remove the fuel tank to get to airbox, at the front of which sits the air filter.

Im definitely going to take bunches of pics during reassembly, and develop a HOW TO to post here.

For now, just wish me luck getting everything back together the right way on Tuesday.
wow, thanks bud. i definitely haven't had time to even think about taking her apart with work and this past week of rain. I'm looking forward to seeing that 'How To', David. So it better happen, or else ;) haha
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