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7500 miles service

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hello guys. I dont know probably its annoying topic or so and also I understand that its a very individual question but anyway... I would like to ask you what's your opinion what should I request to check on my bike when I'm gonna take it to the dealer>? I have currently 7654 miles on it... had done oil change at 500, 3000 and 6000 and thats pretty it..nothing else.. What would you ask in dealership I you would be on my place? What to check? Brakes? Fluids? maybe synchronize carbs? I dont know what else? I'm asking this as I dont trust too much those guys as most of them only pretending as everything has checked out but actually its not and I'd like just to point on those things what i need to be checked... I mean point on it and mention about it that I'd like this and this to be done! :eek: so let me think what esle... mmmm... so yes, guys, what else?! give me some advice please ;D
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You can check in your manual, the little book thingy, that came with the book and it will give you the recomended services needed at what mileage.................help any??
Just checked the Owner's Manual and the short answer is "everything". At the 7,500 mile mark all but a handfull of the 53 points of inspection are checked off.
I agree with those guys... The guys who perform your service should also give you a sheet of what's been checked, what was low, what was high, etc... If you haven't done the valves, ever, now you MUST definitely do the valves... And get that print out of what they've done and fixed, that way, if anything breaks, you can take it back to them and say: "You guys missed this, which killed my bike, give me a new one..."
spooph said:
"You guys missed this, which killed my bike, give me a new one..."
i do hope youve been up (lube and tension check) on the chain cause that can get alot of slack in it in that many miles. i usually do mine every 400-600miles depending on conditions that might be to often or not enough but thats what i do.

good luck btw im almost to that point so once you get it done would you be willing to let me know what it costs cause id like to know what im in for
so shes7
not to turn your topic to a different direction but .. are you a lady or a guy?
good question Hi-tech!
you know oddly enough i was thinking that same thing i just didnt find it relevant or atleast it never struck me to ask it while i was sitting typing even though thats right when i was thinking it lol
10 bucks says Chick, I got a wierd feeling while I was reading the original post. Almost like I was on the phone.
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