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28Th Annual Cycle World International Moto Show

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dude it is the best! test ride the new 09 products lots of fun! and they have a sick expo from brembo breaks too icon helmets, get to try on helmets and gear see then new line up on bikes and prototypes! had so much fun i have a few pics to show you guys check em out


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And finally the moment you all have been waiting for Kawasaki!

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jeez man thats sweet!!!

how'd your po let you off the hook for that hahaha
mm. I think the z1000s are sexy.
All the bikes are just so....stock...nice though.
If I had the money, I would take one of each. Man someone know how to ride that Buell!
yeah that buell was beaten hardcore! they had a video playing of the dude racing the bike its crazy! id take the ducati 848 for sure : ) and the z1000 is dope such a street fighter its tall man but feels good, they bike i hated the most was the ktm it was way to tall taller than my yami and my yami is tall and the seat was like sittin on the curb! hahha he was chill he let me go i was happy i had a cerfue though hahaha well its better than nothing right, more i obey he will be more flexiable and make this whole thing not so bad.....
Hey Seattle is coming up anyone game ??
are they all 09's...man, the gixxers are hot...
i wish i'm there to climb on all of them
hell yeah, most of them where 09 it was a 09 show pretty much their was a few 08 but mainly 09 which was cool i heard last years was bigger but i dont know i just got into the bike stuff this year so it was cool for me, you guys should deff go if its in your state so worth it! register early so you can test ride bikes!
who was hosting it r6? i wonder if there is anything like this in canada
is there test rides??
yeah man you can ride any bike some companys will have like age thing where you have to be 21 to ride a 1000 or something like that, umm well its called international motorcycle show www.motorcycleshows.com it was presented by toyota and some of the sponcers where kawi, harley, ducati, british cycle gear, cycle trader, cycle wourld mag, honda, yami, star, suzuki, ktm, victory, toyota and more so its pretty big check out their site and see if they will be in your place or near by so worth to to ride its free just make sure you on the list asap because they fill up quick and you can ride as many bikes as you want! and the expo is 12 bucks for all day see the new line up in products, new bikes, test and wear gear, new insurance policys, food, and girls!!!!! last year i heard they had a stunt show but not this time here in az maybe in other states they will...
i don't see anything like this in here...man...so jealous!!
did you test ride anything? how was it??
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