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Hey fellow Ninjettes , I am in serious need of your alls help. Here is a little back info... So I just picked my bike up from the shop after a month and half of it being there. I had them diagnose why I was continuing to pop my Fuel Injector fuse . They determined it was a bad fuel pump. So I had them replace the Pump with a OEM new one and O rings. They replaced it and I picked it up Friday afternoon. Rode home and it was like a different bike rode great. My buddy came by to install a LED Suzco Motorcycle led kit. He had ran lights on a couple sportsbike recently so I figured he would be the guy to do it . I went riding all last night and as I was about to head home for the night I stopped off to grab something from the gas station . I came back out and started my bike fired right up . I let it run while I was gearing back up when I had a brain fart and shifted into gear while the kickstand was down it instantly died. I went to restart it I turned the key and nothing no lights no indicator no priming nothing . Horn doest work . Its as if I had the key still in the off position. Ive checked the fuses near the handle bars as well the the one under neath the seat and nothing is blown and the battery seems fine what would cause my bike to go dark? Relay? Safety switch? wiring ? etc etc. I just dropped a thousand into the bike and don't have the money to take it to the shop again . Please help Thank you
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