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Hi, I'm new to the forum and really hoping to find some help. My wife's 2012 650 has a very badly cracked headlight assembly I've found out as I'm working on it to do some maintenance. I've searched the interwebs and only seeing a few NEW for over $300. I tried craigslist in a 200 mile radius and nothing. Also tried Facebarf Marketplace.
I'm hoping someone one here has a parts bike they are willing to sell the headlight assembly from or just has an extra one laying around they'd sell. Or if you know of an off brand or used web site that I can get one for a better price I would greatly appreciate it.

We live in North Carolina but will pay for shipping from Canada or any where in the Lower 48.

As I said I'm new here so probably won't be checking this very often after a week or so of posting this so please message me(if there is that option on this site) or email me directly with any info that can lead to a headlight assembly replacement.
mulegandy at g mail

Much appreciated.
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