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2011 ZX10R rendering?

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Found this, looks pretty nice, but I think someone has just taken a Z1000 side on shot and played around some!


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that is exactly what someone did, but if kawi is smart it will look something like that, cuz its mean looking.
they should have left the blinker below the silver panel on the front...

and for all you crushedcamber fans.... haha i decided i wasnt gonna upgrade to the 2010 model,
my dealer is still convinced that i mod'd my pipes, but i didnt, he is shocked with how loud and beautiful it sounds with the stock pipes.

i asked him how the 2010 sounded stock, he said it sounds like sh!t... quiet and stupid. haha
are you sure crushed? if so thats damn good work!
that's not the 2011. Kawi would never so blatantly copy the tail section of a KTM RC8, and that steering geometry would be crazy! That front wheel has no place to move, rigid front end anyone?
hmmm RC8 tailend! its not like they are flying off the shelves!

i got my leg over a ducati yesterday ;)
CBR1000 + RC8 + Z1000...


There's even some GTR1400 there in those big gills!!!
that's looks better... Headlights anyone? Or are these going to come standard with night vision? :p

I'd rock one if I got it as a present....
Photo of the "test mule"


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if they sell it on the showroom floor with all carbon bodywork, i regretably will trade zoe in... :'(
thanks TR for the extra info, as sick as it looks, kawi will still put that oversized stupid plate hanger/rear fender... :-\
I like it, I'd dig one of those, so much better than the '10's.
The embargo has been broken early by Cycle World magazine!!! No details were supposed to be released until Oct 5th, so this is fresh off the press!! Official photos and all!!

200 hp... nuff said!


if it does come with 200bhp that would be crazyyyyyyy
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