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ok bought the bike dec 23 havent rode it yet...
been starting every other day yesterday it started fine today it turns over strong but doesnt start there wasnt much gas in it so i added some gas still wont start
after cranking it for 8 seconds i could smell gas so i waited a min then turned the choke off and cranked again thinking it was flooded still nothing
waited again then set the choke on and cranked still wouldnt start turned on the primer for a few seconds to get some gas to the carbs still wouldnt start

any ideas?? low gass?=fuel filter? is there a lift pump for the gas ?
i mean shouldnt be anything to serious it was running fine yesterday
recently it was getting a little harder to start first crank it would start then shut off
thought it was due to the cold weather .. mabey theres more to it ??

2010 ninja 250r 4600kms

i dont know much about the bike
service information unknown
It's most likely just flooded. After setting a few hours it may be fine. Always pull the choke off as much as possible, as soon as possible. Just enough choke to keep it running at about 2000 or so. If you leave the choke on more than necessary it will flood. If you think it's flooded, and you can't wait, turn the choke off completely and hold the throttle wide-open as you crank. If it fires up, immediately release the throttle so the RPMs don't shoot up. Never rev a cold engine over 2500 or so.

Don't start it if you're not going to ride it. It's only doing harm. You are contaminating the oil with unburned gas, moisture, and acids every time you start it up.

Add fuel stabilizer and fill the tank to the top with Ethanol-free gas. Get it started one more time and let it run for a couple of minutes to get the treated fuel to the float bowls. Always keep the tank as full as possible to avoid condensation (and eventually rusting) problems. Don't start it again until you can take a 30 min ride. Charge the battery regularly on trickle or use a battery maintainer.

If you don't know about the quality of maintenance, change the oil and filter soon. Use a good cycle oil or Shell Rotella T6 10W-40 synthetic. Synthetic oils are a good idea for many reasons, and Rotella T6 isn't expensive. After you do an oil change, and before storing, start it up for 10 to 15 seconds just to circulate the fresh oil. Then don't start again until you are ready to ride. The fresh synthetic oil will protect the engine from corrosion during storage.

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