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Hi Everyone! I'm a "newbie" to both riding and newninja.com itself! I have a 2009 Special Edition Lime 250R and have been riding it for about 3 weeks or so. Being a newbie I inevitably "laid the bike down" recently and am in need of some replacment fairings. Mainly looking for a rear left fairing as it is pretty bad. Will probably need the main left side fairing as well but know that will be a lot more expensive so might hold off on that.

My problem is that I can't seem to find anything for the Special Edition 2009 version. Everything is different colors or anything green is solid green, etc. Also, finding just pieces instead of entire kits has been a struggle too.

Does anyone know where I can find (either here or another site anywhere) replacement fairings for this bike? Probably an easy answer, but again....until a month or so ago I had never even been on a bike so all of this is VERY new to me! Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions and help everyone - I GREATLY appreciate it!
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