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2009 race season

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I am making plans for the 2009 racing season.
I am planning a new engine with a flowed cylinder head.
custom valves and springs
custom ground camshafts with adjustable sprockets.
I will raise the compression ratio 13 to 1 with custom pistons and rings. running on cam 2 114 octane
I am allowed a .020 over bore so I will take it.
I am using the MSD MC3 ignition unit and MSD coils with universal pick up s
and a total loss electrical system.
I may go with 35mm kelin flat side carbs
I need to move the foot pegs back 4 inches with custom made rear sets. I have clip ones up front.
I will switch to 120mm front tires front and rear to minimise my contact patch
and a non O ring chain.
I am removing the stock wiring harness and making a totally new one.
I also want to cut the tank in half so it has no hump and I can get lower.
Also on the list is to remove everything not needed for speed.
I don't know how much it will cost or where I will get the money but I have till March of 2009 to have a bike ready for the dyno so I can race in April .
This is a bad photo shop job of the cut down tank][/img]

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that'd be so sick.

but then wouldn't it just be better to buy a whole new bike to track? and use the ninja for on road use?

i mean it'd be real sick, but possibly more trouble than its worth.

just my 2 cents.
I will get anither ninja later. for now all I need is the llight from a bicycle.(HID flamethrower) and a tag . I can legally test handeling and ride the bike on the strreet .
I want a 250 ninja with a dual headlight like the new 650 .So I may wait a year and see what happens in 2010.
I definitly want another 250 for going around corners.
yeah you're right thatd be pretty awesome for racing.

idk whats in store for the 2010s hopefully the dual headlights and also fuel injection (without a(nother) price jump)
I love fuel injection . For a bike that is just ridden and not modified at all . I ride in the winter so I can tell you that . BUT if it is a cheep flaky system that dose weired stuff . I would rather have a carb set I can work with. Kawasaki makes great bikes so I am not to worried. At least about it running properly . I bet it will cost 4500 with fuel injection
Sounds extensive! Cant wait to see you take that record.


Hey darkhorse, I noticed you have the air filter right on the carbs. Have you tried putting some tubing in there to help straighten out the airflow before it goes into the carbs? If that the r0990 k&n or just 2 single pods?
I use the pod filters that have a small velosity stack built in.
For the raace engine I will build an ait box of sorts to capture some sort of ram air. I have not gotten to that but I will have open velosity stacks on the carbs.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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