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You should really get at least an Owner's Manual to properly answer your questions. A Service Manual is very handy if you plan to do more than just the regular maintenance.

I would change the oil and filter - you never know what's in there from the previous owner. I'd use Shell Rotella T6 synthetic 5W-40. It's a diesel oil, but is rated for wet clutches. It's commonly found at auto parts stores. Always change the filter when doing an oil change. WIX or NAPA Gold are a good choice if you don't want to buy an OEM filter.

Use 87 octane fuel without Ethanol. Search around here for more info.

Check the fluid levels and the condition of the air filter.

Tires should be 30-something, but you'll need to check for the exact pressure. There may be a sticker on the swingarm or chain guard that has the info on it.

You need to lube and adjust your chain regularly. Check around here for a thread with a link to a video from Canyon Chasers on how to adjust the chain.

Take a MSF riding course ASAP if you haven't already.

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