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2005 GSX-R Exhaust MOD!!!

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Well Boys and Girls my pipe came in, and unfortunately for you, my excitement prevented me from taking any pics before my father and i had the whole thing cut apart and shortened... haha but i put together detailed pics to show you what we did.

1/ Unscrewed the allen head bolts at the tail section and removed the beauty cover

2/ Ground the weld off the heads of the allen bolts on the next section ( then removed them )

3/ Ground the whole lip where the aluminum outer was bent around the inner section of the pipe

4/ Slid out the whole inner stainless section

5/ Cut 7 1/8" off the entire pipe

6/ Cut the main exhaust tube to length through outter stainless ( just cuz if i had to cut it i only wanted to do it once, and i had to cut it to free it from the middle divider )

7/ Cut the middle pipe shorter ( still in stainless section )

From this point on I have yet to complete...

8/ Re-weld on the endcap with exhaust tip

9/ Apply high heat silicone on top of outter rim of endcap

10/ Bend the aluminum outter case back around the endcap ( over the high heat silicon ) <-- acts as a gasket so no fumes leak out

11/ Send it out and have it bead blasted and powdercoat ( not sure what color yet or if i will just leave it aluminum )

12/ Polish end caps and reattach them to muffler

13/ Bolt to bike muffler mount

14/ Fabricate a stainless steel adaptor to mount to stock head pipe. allowing me to retain the stock headpipe incase my bike were to fail emissions testing i can throw the stock crappy one back on.

and since this thing got shortened it should sound louder then stock but quiter than open header ;D
plus if has fiberglass and steel wool looking stuff around the outter shell.

Overall Id say suzuki makes a kickass stock muffler... three chamber and well built, ( now two chamber )

Ill post more as soon as I get more done ( hopefully tomorrow, "tuesday" )

so here are the pics i promised ;D

So far i have $45 invested in this muffler shipped to my door, and the labor it took us to cut it apart.
Ill add a tally when finished to show how much i spent on everything as it comes up... so check back frequently as i will be updating often. and yes is is a little scratched up ( its used ) but im gonna bead blast so it will fix all blemishes.
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SWEEET!!!! So now we have a $45 dollar muffler.
Nice one, looking forward to seeing that exhaust ready and installed. I might try a 2006/2007 GSX-R exhaust at some point, I really like how they look.
Very good pics, keen to hear the outcome!


dang that is sick! more pics and video!
Man that looks good Crushedcamber. This is going to be on my list next. How hard is it to do? Can't wait for a video on how it sounds.
So far ive only used standard tools, allen wrench, hack saw, dremmel with cut off wheels, and i did have someone tac it back together with a welder ( my welder is a cheapy and dont do stainless ) but if youve got a buddy or give someone 5 bucks for two seconds of work, that could be accomplished... i have to make a head pipe adaptor now, so ill post pics as soon as i start on that... thanks for all your comments, and keep cheking back. ;D
Hey everyone, a lil update for you,

I decided that instead of making an adaptor to go to the headpipe, i would buy a whole gsx-r header so i can cut the rear muffler flange off and use that, in which i will cut my stock headpipe and weld that to it, so i ordered one got it for 35.50 haha so after i cut off what i need, i can either sell it as an open header for a gsx-r or bring it to the scrap yard for stainless steel scrap value... haha...
so that just came in today and i will be working on it soon. i have my msf this weekend and its supposed to rain... so thats gonna be crappy, but at least ill get my liscense soon. ;D
looks dope! using another bikes exhaust smart! im using a a 06 r6 exhaust on my 09 r6s i need to do some fab work but once its dope should looks great here are some pics just to give you a idea! let me knw what you guys think!

; )
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Well what are you waiting for you got a light in your garage...get to work and post a vid boy!! LOL

Gonna look awesome, Cant wait to hear it!
i need to buy a bracket so i can hang it off my foot peg and i need to cut the pipe dont have the tools to cut need to find somebody with tools hahaha but ill get on it trust me!
I got tools, r6 come over... im just a lil way away in mass... haha... sorry, id help if we were closer, my mod is on hold as im trying to drag my riding time on as long as possible, as i have to dismantle my fairings to cut and weld up my header to the new system, so ill update as soon as possible,

But r6 that looks so much sicker than your stocker, good pick, cant wait to see that on there...
We want an update! How's it going with the tools man?
i bought a hand saw and...... that didnt work out hahaha! i need something electric just to cut the the end pipe, and then i cant mount i just need to cut that off! grrrrr! hahaha hey crash ill mail it to you and you can ups it back hahah jk
All I want for Christmas is a dremmel...seriously I'm jonesing for one lol.
thanks man! i like too i made a video cant really see but you can atleast hear.... ill make another

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