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Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment - LIFESTYLE CYCLE

Now you don't have to carry around a large bottle or can of fuel treatment or stabilizer. A while back I found it in a 1 oz shooter bottle that I can carry either in the tank bag or under the seat.
I bought it from West Marine. The 8 oz. bottle I have, I got from Walmart. There are two versions of the stuff. One is a small engine formula and the other is a marine formula. The one I got was the marine formula for $8.96. (8 fl. oz. treats up to 128 gallons) The small engine formula that is sold at most auto parts stores cost between $7.99-$9.99. (8 fl. oz. treats up to 48 gallons)

I went with this recommendation of Star Tron after reading Fuel Testers- Is your gas additive safe with E10 fuel? Is your gas additive safe with E10 fuel?
They and a few others chose this over the ever popular Seafoam Motor Treatment. I'm really seeing this product more and more in small engine and motorcycle shops. So it's definitely worth trying.

When I first used it in my lawn equipment, it did make a difference and also in an old Toyota that I drive. The lawn equipment runs better if I happen to run E-10 fuel in it. And the car showed improvement in throttle response, also idles smoother. I haven't been able to see it work in the Ninja because I run ethanol free gas in it, and it does not sit up for longer than a few days without starting, but if I'm out somewhere, where I can't get E-10 free, or catch that station with some bad gas, this shooter is the ticket just to be on the safe side.

This stuff has been around for a while, so it's not new. It also seems to be real popular with those who have marine vehicles. I think I read a few negative reviews. Other than hollering it was "...snake oil" and "..it doesn't work!" they offered nothing of substance. The product does not seem to be much different than some other fuel treatments, except this one has some kind of proprietary ingredient. Whatever it is, it does something because folks are still buying it.

The Star Tron website has a real interesting video, that caught my attention.

How Ethanol Gas Attracts Water from the Air - Demonstration - YouTube
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