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Hay guys here's the skinny I've checked a couple options for my cracked or broken plastics.... I've checked out airstreams one piece fairings I've checked on eBay.. eBay is not much cheaper than buying all new fairings through airstream.. Now eBay is however OEM yet as I said expensive for used parts while airstream is new and same price in the end they come uncut and and drilled so double the work and huge margin for error I want to get this into my buddy's body shop ASAP for paint now here's a few questions I hope u can assist me with .. Where else can I find reasonable fairings or kits for a 93 zx6e?? And secondly would 93 zx6r fairings bolt on and be compatable with the zx6e.. Any help here is greatly appreciated here as I want every panel in perfect A-1 condition and if I'm investing money into paint and what not I want to do it right thanks in advance y'all!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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