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As stated in the title, I have a '93 250 with no power.
I bought the bike, and it was turning over and running(for 3 seconds until the guy turned it off).
Once I got it home I started noticing that he had modified the wiring. It had bypassed the left and right hand controls, as well as installed an automotive starter solenoid that was rigged up outside the OEM harness, and had a toggle switch for the lights.
I decided to get a new harness and install it, to pretty everything up. After that, the bike has had no power to the hand controls or starter.
All dash lights come on, but will not turn over. There is no audible clicking from the solenoid.
Bike turns over when you jump across the terminals, but will not run or fire even with ignition on and run switch in correct position.
I don't know what he bypassed, and I can't figure it out. The new harness is good, I did checks on everything (I'm an electronics tech for a military contractor).
I swapped harnesses and components with a 2003 250 that I have and it turned over for a few minutes and then stopped again.
Removed harness and returned it to the 2003 and it turned over as it should.
The 1993 still will not turn over with new components.
I'm guessing that it is either a safety switch, the starter, or the stator/alternator.
It's not the neutral safety switch, or the clutch switch, I replaced both of those. Possibly a break or short in the wiring from the alternator.
Where should I go from here? How can I test these parts without ripping the side cover off and tearing it apart?
I'm about done with these damn bikes.
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