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I just completed my motorcycle safety course and got my graduated learners license. A buddy of mine found out and offered me his old bike a 1990 zx6d. He said If I can take it, it's mine to take. The only catch is it hasn't run for a couple of years. It got dropped while he was vacationing with his wife and the throttle broke off. He had the handle bars replaced and it would never start after that. It's been stored in his neighbour's garage ever since'

He says it may be the starter but more than likely is a pinched wire in the handle bars. He;s not mechanically inclined and I've never worked on anything other than a small dirt bike before.

Apparently all of the electrical works, but it will likely need a new battery which is no big deal.

The bike guys I know all said it is highly unlikely the starter is the issue and that it can be jumped from a battery to see if it works. Someone suggested it might be easier to replace the wiring harness, but when I called a bike shop he suggested the harness is probably about $300 and it would be cheaper to bring the bike in and let him fix it.

My thinking is jump the starter, check the fuse, and then try to trace the wires back.

My question is how difficult will it be to access the wiring from the ignition back through the switches and down to the starter to locate a break in a wire. Will I need to remove the faring first and if so, is that a big job?

Any advice would be helpful, this will be my first sport bike. A little big for a starter bike, but the price is right if I can fix it myself and it happens to be little more than a broken wire.
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