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12v plug on the ninja for cell,navigator,etc.

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8) ok I place it on the left side of the front tank on the inside of the faring ;D... the reason I picked the left side was when you lock the wheel it will protect it and wont be easy to get to from unwanted intruders... :mad: from there I can simply plug in a cell charger, heated jacket or a multiple plug like I have also created on my magnetic bag ... the magnetic bag has a clear plastic on top and you can slide a navigation system,a cell,or ipod...I think this is handy because u will have everything in the magnetic bag and all you have to do is unplug the cord and carry the magnetic bag with you...


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more pics...


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Thats tight I was looking for something like that too... Only thing is Im trying to find a GPS that you can plug in a head phone on a bike you would have to keep constantly looking down to see what u need to do. Anybody elses GPS have a headset jack??
haha thats awesome! Especially for say...stockwall who'll burn one on the way to work sometimes. We keep telling him to put his visor up when he does that but he always forgets!
Hey weth56 ... I use a garmin navi and it does have a phone jack it includes a mp3 player also.
Hey joe.. Not it was not me. but thanks for the comment.
joeRWMN said:
Are you the same guy who put the garage door opener in the hi-beam switch? Anyone remember who posted that?

I wanted to do this too. I looked in the parts drawer at RadioShack and they had all the stuff. I just needed some pictures of how to. Thanks so much!!! Great post.
I was the one who did the garage door opener. http://www.newninja.com/index.php?topic=1633.0 is the write up. I can help you out a bit if needed.

I think I am going to do this mod next, great idea with the 12v source for my Blackberry (phone, nav, mp3 has it all)
I know right? :p he could have just got an atlas for $10

nah... GPS' are great. I use a Garmin.
lol.. nah it was a gift... but last time I looked, garmin has gone down on their prices.. I have the navi 660...its a touch screen.. so u can simply control it tru the clear plastic on the magnet bag. so yes I am givin it a good use... specially at work.
Hey barto... fyi... if u are planning on doing this modification.. Make sure the power plug is not close to that gray box (sorry not aware of the name) in the picture, it produces heat.. In the picture it looks like its rubbing against it, but I do have it away from it .. Just did not took a picture of it...
Well I am about to install this so I can use my BB and/or my Garmin Nuvi. The garmin is sweet because you can hook it up to headphones and also it has MP3 playback. It pauses the song when it gives directions so you can have both in one.
I just recently install a kill switch on my bike... so even if they hot wire my bike it won't start... ;)
Neato, I was gonna do something similar with a magnetic hidden switch under a panel. Wave a key fob over the switch to activate (in side faring or something). So even if they look for one its completely hidden and non-switch looking.


Yeah I was going to post it..but...what good is a kill switch if anyone will know where its at? Right. So I am keeping this to myself. ;) but good idea felix
Finally put on my 12v outlet on for my GPS. I did it so that it is temporary so that I could remove it when not in use and use my battery tender for my battery charger & portable air pump as well.


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Hey is that gps a touch screen. I am looking at this tru my phone and can't really tell
It is a touch screen. Magellan Roadmate 1200.
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