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12:5 Hi Comp Pistons for 250r

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I've just placed an order with JE Pistons for 2 sets of 12:5 Hi compression drop-in pistons for the ninja 250. JE will only custom make 2 or more sets, so I'll have a second set to sell.

Standard compression is 11:6. the pistons come with rings and pins e.g. everything you need to drop them in.

12:5 should give you significant torque and HP improvement thru the full rev range while running on 93 octane pump gas and requiring no jetting changes.

2 sets are costing me $820. Thus, I'm selling 1 set for $420 shipped anywhere in the US.

Let me know via this thread if you are interested.
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pm me darkhorse
Hey, the older 250's had 12.4:1 comp and the pistons run about $30 each, you can even get them .5mm overbore...
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