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'06 ZX6R 636 has no low end torque

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I swapped the stock exhaust on my bike for a Yoshimura RS-5 slip on and it went well for a couple days but then the FI light came on and I have yet to be able to get it to go off. These 636s should have no problem getting that front wheel off the ground, it should have the opposite problem...staying on the ground, but I can't even force mine up now. Since then I have also replaced the plugs with NGK iridium and the stock air filter with a BMC "Race" air filter (I prefer those over K&N, and Yoshimura endorses them as well. Does anyone know how I can get that light to go off and make her run right? Past 5-6K RPMs she'll open on up and sounds amazing and I get power back, but there is no bottom end whatsoever. My guess is I'm gonna have to remap the ECU via a Power Commander or Two Brothers Juice Box or something of that nature, or just take out the Servo completely and replace it with a Servo Buddy (this is by far the cheaper of my two options) Any other suggestions or ideas are very much welcomed, thanks in advance
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See I've never heard one bad word about Yoshimura exhausts before, that's why I chose to go with the stainless model with carbon fiber tip slip on RS-5. My buddy that I bought it from said he changed the front sprocket out to get more bottom end but I don't know how many teeth and what not, other than that it was bone stock when I bought it I'm gonna see about the servo buddy, I can get one for $60 delivered cause me and some friends determined by the sound that the servo motor is making upon turning on the key that the guy who installed my mods stripped out the plastic gears in the servo and that's why it ran fine for a few days and then the light came on
This is my first street bike but I've raced MX all my life so I can ride...but I wasn't paying attention to the road (I didn't realize what light was blinking on the gauge...turned out to be my turn signal) but this was only the third day I had it so I didn't know. Anyways I went off the road going about 30mph and laid it down. A friend of mine's step-dad has a shop near where I live and I took my friends word that he could fix everything for me and I've had nothing but trouble out of it since I let that man touch it. But by reading forums like this and other things on the internet I'm working on it myself now, I downloaded a pdf copy of the Kawasaki owners manual and it has basically told me everything I need to know other than that exhaust problem. I took the Yoshi off for about a week and it didn't run any better without it on bottom end than with it so I put it back on because it does give you top end and I spent money on it and wasn't gonna let it go to waste, plus it looks a hell of a lot better and is about 25lbs lighter without the stock exhaust and turn signals
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I've since put a servo buddy on it and a PC III and am still not getting any better results on the bottom end, the commander have me a lot more mid range and top end, but still can't get the wheel of the ground to save my life...I feel there's an underlying problem somewhere
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