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Just ride from home to work and back, which I rarely engage 3rd gear. But anytime I do and downshift to second , the engine dies on me.
Maybe I'm not downshifting correctly.
It is stalling as soon as I pull the clutch in , dies before I downshift and rev match.....
Is it that maybe it is over due a tune up?.....
Any advice is much appreciated !!

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Sounds like a real pain. So here is the skinny. It requires maintainence first. The air filter may be the cause of your problem. Check that first The second thing to check would be your fuel system. Im assuming you have been running 93 octane but run some fuel system cleaner through the bike. However run the whole tank through the bike. Dont let it sit a few days. The third would be your spark plugs. How many miles do you have on it? When you change plugs i do suggest going with the e3 plugs. They are expensive but definitely worth the price. Now this all being said. There may he a few more things but these are the starting points. Outside of this the only other starting point would be if you have a power commander etc. reload the map that is in it and try it. If still no good put a zero map in the power commander etc and see how it runs. If it runs to a point where it doesnt die it may be time for a dyno job. Try the other steps first and let me know. I have a few more things to check if those are not the culprit to causing your problem
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