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‘96 zx7r only running on 3

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Hi guys,

I have a zx7r that was previously sitting in a shed for 7 yrs, after cleaning the fuel out it would only run on 2, then after a 24hr soaking it ran on 3.
#1 was at 80degc while 2,3,4 were around 300, so i pulled off carbs and cleaned all jets and soaked 1 in carb cleaner (fully submerged for around 8hrs)
After reasembling it was running on all 4. 1 was a little cooler than the rest but firing.
Today i started it and noticed that while on choke 1 was cooler again ie not running(temp taken with laser on exhast at header) after taking it off choke 1 started to get warmer up around 250.
Is this something to be concerned about? I havnt been able to ride it yet to see if it works ok under load as the clutch is stuck on which is something else I need help with as iv tried rocking it and checked fluid levels and its jammed on tight.

Iv never worked on a bike before this so i am noob at mechanics and this is the first ninja iv owned, im looking forward to getting it o; the road 😀