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  1. How To's | Ninja Wrenching 101
    Hey guys! Ok. Got new carbs because my old ones were shot...butterflies were beat up with screwdrivers adjusting them wouldn't help...ect...I put the new ones on and It cranks and runs a lot better BUT I put my TPS sensor off of my old set of carbs onto my new set. Now I have Im thinking about...
  2. Modifications
    Hey guys. Got me a project bike. But im worried about this one. Im new to biking.... but not new ro mechanics. Ok. When driving my 98 ZX9c im getting a clunking from the lower part of the bike.. not when I shift but...well for example, im in fourrh gear and come to a stop sign. When I let off...
  3. How To's | Ninja Wrenching 101
    Hey guys n gals. I bought a 98 ZX9C today and the guy that I bought it from was going over all the problems he had with it. First, The bike Idles at 4500 - 5 grand!! n that's not good. I do not know where the idle screw is, but I know it could be a number of things. Second problem probably is...
  4. How To's | Ninja Wrenching 101
    Just got a 97 zx9 had been sitting for 4 years. Cleaned carbs, replaced batt. , and spark plugs. Put air box on. It struggled to start. Would run but not idle. So I held held it at 4000 rpm. Ran and sounded good and then after 1 minute at around 4000 it died. I had a strong smell of fuel coming...
  5. Gear Talk
    Can someone help have brought four release comp clutch pieces cause they keep wearing out. Any help would be thankful
  6. Off Topic
    I'm not finished yet and have all winter to work on it but I was wondering what people thought about my progress so far. And any ideas to perfect the bike. Thanks, ps the pictures aren't that great but I can always take new up to date ones
  7. New Member Introductions
    What's up guys I just joined! I ride a 2001 kaw zx9r any one else got one