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  1. Off Topic
    Okay so I need help. I'm buying a new ninja and have it down to two. The first is a 1992 zx7r with only 5,800 miles on it. It sat in a garage for 10 years cause owner went to prison. The new owner replace pretty much everything on it. The second is a 1993 zx7 750 that has about 30,000 miles on...
  2. Rider Safety, Accident Analysis
    I have a 10 year old zx-7r with 13,000 miles, and so far its been running fine. I got stuck in traffic yesterday and couldn't get out of first and second gear, and on my ride home I noticed for the first time on it that the engine heat gauge was rising above halfway and there was a heck of a...
  3. Off 250 Tech
    Hey guys. I just traded a 72 Honda xl 250 for a 96 zx7r. Wow, it has no fairings and won't start. I'm replacing one of the ignition coils. Is there a way to find out which coil is #1$4 and which is #2&3? One has a green wire connected and the other red. Thanks