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  1. Industry Insider - Ninja News
    New MY 22 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R Engine: 249.8cc Inline-4 Cylinder Power: 51 PS Torque: 22.9 Nm Weight: 182 kg Source: mototechindia.com
  2. Off Topic
    Ok I have a 02 zx6r just put a new motor in brand new only 12,xxx miles First time riding she drove powerful next day I tried to ride and she jumped and rode like shit Cleaned the carbs and now it doesn't want to ride like my carbs are being flooded with gas because I have to turn off my fuel...
  3. Off Topic
    Ok so I had a clicking sounds coming from my 02 kawasaki zx6r so I changed and adjusted my timing chain, the sound went away for about 2 minutes then came back ever louder so I opened up the plug where you out oil while it was running to hear it better my clutch wasn't sounding Togo but I...
  4. Off Topic
    Hey guys I'm trying to do a flush but idk what kind of antifreeze I could use. The manual is not very specific. Can I use just regular 50/50 from AutoZone? I have an 03 zx6r
  5. Off Topic
    Got bike set up again today 122.5hp rwhp plus ramair so around 130+ at the rear wheel on the fly not bad for 600 ey!!!! Started at 110rwhp in march 2012 when I got it I then had pcV fitted last year and it made 115.5rwhp recently added titanium akrapovic headers so no catalytic converter and a...
  6. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Looking for a new or used yoshimura exhaust prefer the RS-5. Not looking for one in bad condition, will consider just about anything/carbon fiber or stainless steel. Gotta get a new exhaust for my baby! :dance: Take a look at her...
  7. Ninja FAQ & Tech Specs
    I'm a new owner of a 2013 Kawasaki zx6r and I'm wanting to fix her up a little but have no clue where to start any ideas? And if anyone knows a good place to get plastics that would help to.
  8. Off Topic
    This is my first bike 02 zx6 and love it. I know the book recommends front 36 rear 41 is that where I should be? Any thoughts?
  9. Off Topic
    Does any have or know where I can get an owners manual? Like PDF. Thanks
  10. Off Topic
    I have a 2011 Zx-6r flat black. What's the best way to wash it?
  11. How To's | Ninja Wrenching 101
    Hi, My next project has been thrust upon me after a con rod snapped and did a great immitation of a sardine can opener on the left side of my engine. So, equipped with a second hand 2008 ZX6 engine - I'm about to perform an engine transplant on my 2007 ZX6R. The second hand engine has around...
  12. Off 250 Tech
    Hey guys. I've recently bought my first bike a zx6r g2 and was looking to get some help with it. When I'm slowing and pull the clutch in to go down a gear (high and low speeds) the engine cuts out. I've cleaned the carbs, changed the ignition coils, leads, plugs, fuse box, fuel pump, oil...
  13. Off Topic
    Seems like quite a few people on here are moving from the 250R to ZX6R... we're all still Green on the inside, so I thought I'd do a roll call! Here's my baby, 2008, Jardine slipon, frame sliders, timing mod, polished rims... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56TSHBJTizQ Lots and...
  14. Modifications
    Well, I said to myself, I wouldn't do it! I said I would leave it standard! FAIL! After 7 hrs, I completed my first 'proper' mod on the ZX6R today. I still need to give her a clean and take some proper pics, but the weekend is over so that might not happen for a few days. So here it the run...
1-14 of 15 Results