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  1. Motorcycles for Sale/Wanted
    With winter about over, I really want to start looking for an upgrade. The EX500 has been great to me, good MPG and plenty of power, but I'm wanting more, so if you have a ZX600 for sale, know of one or someone selling it, please let me know. Preferably I'd like a 90's, single square headlamp...
  2. Off Topic
    My friend is finally looking into getting his own bike and likes the older ninjas as well. He is over 6ft tall and says my bike is too small, but said a new ninja 650 felt just a little too high for his liking. What should he look for, an ex500, but raising it a bit or perhaps a zx600? I told...
  3. Ninja Pictures & Videos
    Hello im new to forums but i figured this would be the best place to start i recently traded for a 85 (ninja)gpz600r/zx600a. it was completely apart when i got it. im in the process of putting it back together ((by the book) all hail clymers:thumb:) when i decided to learn more about the bike i...
1-3 of 3 Results