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  1. Off Topic
    Ok done my reasearch found out I can turbo my 11 now as this will be my first shot at this amongst having 5 bikes I NEED HELP I have found kits from 5-6k. Now for the questions. Is it worth it Is it street legal How hard it instal Any help comments concerns or any in put on this bike...
  2. Off Topic
    I sent a pm out to some but hell I need a answer by early afternoon so I'm gonna open it up to all or I just wasted 72 hours with 0 seconds of sleep between work, fixing the car and redoing the complete harness and tightening everything cleaning the motor etc etc basically the carbs are under...
  3. Off 250 Tech
    Hey guys, In first gear she's a bit 'sluggish' but after around 2.5k RPMs are hit it's like a champ. Was told it could be a dirty air filter so just curious on how to get it out of there!--Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks friends. :thumb:
  4. New Member Introductions
    Glad to be a new member! Pics are coming very soon (as soon as the freak snowstorm from last night melts and I can get Her out of the garage again!).I just got back into riding last year after an almost twelve year absence (what was I thinking?) I'm now the proud pilot of a "vintage" 1992 Ninja...
1-4 of 4 Results