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    These Chassis Protectors are specifically engineered for the Ninja 300. Brackets are bolted to key structural areas behind the fairing, tieing into the upper and lower engine mounts. These provided stout mounting positions for the chassis protectors through the fairings. Part # is...
  2. Industry Insider - Ninja News
    New Carburetor for the 2008-2012 Ninja 250 from Yoshimura 2008-2012 Yoshimura Mikui TMR-MJN32 Carburetor Description Bore Size (mm) φ32 Body Interval 68 SpigotDiameter(mm) 38mm SpigotLength(mm) 24mm Note: Requires Oil Breather Tank Kit (Part No. 532-001-0000) MJN Carburetor -...
1-2 of 2 Results