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  1. Off Topic
    Ok done my reasearch found out I can turbo my 11 now as this will be my first shot at this amongst having 5 bikes I NEED HELP I have found kits from 5-6k. Now for the questions. Is it worth it Is it street legal How hard it instal Any help comments concerns or any in put on this bike...
  2. Industry Insider - Ninja News
    News from SPORTISI NINJA 250/300 EFI TURBOCHARGER KIT Hello guys , here's a teaser video for you, more vids will be coming, including dyno charts . We're developing a turbocharger kit for the ninja 250 EFI and this will also work on the ninja 300 EFI. on stage 1 its running low boost at...
  3. Found
    For the serious enthusiast who has fabricating skills and is looking to turbo their Ninja 250r... Here is the world's smallest turbo, very similar to the IHI RHB31 turbocharger. This is good quality turbo is ideal for turbocharging your Motorcycle, scooter, dirt bike, ATV, go kart, buggy...
1-3 of 3 Results