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  1. She-Ninja
    Well, I ordered most of my gear. I still need boots, but I'll just check out some at a shop. I went with these and I quite literally bought the last jacket in stock..lol Jacket Power Trip Women's Harlow Leather Jacket - RevZilla Gloves Joe Rocket Women's Cleo Gloves - RevZilla Rain jacket...
  2. Rider Safety, Accident Analysis
    OK, maybe that's not a real statistic, but it is what I saw when I went out the other day. You can tell it's getting close to riding season again because all the bikes have come out of their winter hibernation. I must have seen at least 10 riders with jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes, 1 in...
  3. Rider Safety, Accident Analysis
    Ok so I live in southern California and it gets crazy got here and for the last month I haven't been wearing my jacket. Am I stupid or is everyone else doing this where it gets crazy hot??
  4. Rider Safety, Accident Analysis
    Do you like your all rounder/season jacket? Im looking for a jacket i can wear most days to commute to work in all weather so i dont have to stop and put on my wet weather gear if it rains unexpectedly... Please tell me what jacket you use pros and cons and how much it cost you. Where to buy...
  5. Found
    BILT Storm Waterproof Leather Motorcycle Boots Cycle Gear - BILT: Storm Waterproof Leather Motorcycle Boots, BLACK Incredible value on this comfortable and feature-packed boot. An excellent choice for all-weather riding. Features and Benefits Full leather upper Oil resistant rubber sole...
  6. Found
    As part of their new 2010 collection, Dainese has released some new gear for women. Thorax protection system protects the rider against blunt impact trauma. Thorax Lady chest plate is $99 and it is part of a modular system designed for both male and female...
1-6 of 6 Results