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  1. Found
    These Chassis Protectors are specifically engineered for the Ninja 300. Brackets are bolted to key structural areas behind the fairing, tieing into the upper and lower engine mounts. These provided stout mounting positions for the chassis protectors through the fairings. Part # is...
  2. Gear Talk
    Ninja 300R 2013 NO CUT Black Frame Sliders Moto911 has listed their Shogun frame sliders on their website for the 300. There is no bodywork modification necessary for this application. However you will have to notch the plastic counter shaft sprocket cover to mount the left rail. Takes...
  3. Modifications
    Hey guys, I just picked up a green 2012 Ninja 1000ABS, and I have been seriously thinking about installing some frame sliders on it. But so far haven't really found the right information regarding this. The dealer I bought the bike from said he can place and order for OEM Kawasaki sliders, but...
1-3 of 3 Results