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  1. Ninja 400 & 650 (EX & ER-6 All Model Years)
    Hello! New ninja owner here as of last Friday, March 31st! Am I able to use "Slip-On" mufflers or do I have to purchase a "Full-Exhaust" system? Any recommendations on what will work/has a low grumble to it? Thanks in advance! =]
  2. Modifications
    I was thinking of getting a new exhaust for my 2011 ninja 250r. I want to get a slip on Yoshimura TRC. Is there a rejet that I have to do? What brand and size would you guys recommend? I live in cali so it's like sea level here. It runs smooth now. Is that the best exhaust for that bike? Sent...
  3. Ninja 250/300 (All Model years)
    Anyone have an mussari exhaust? If so what size is the removable "silencer" insert in the exhaust? Mine had happened to fall out at some point in time lol. Can't stop going 100 to go pick it up on a dark freeway. Thanks in advance.
  4. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I'm looking for a cheap/used exhaust for my '12 ninja 250. I really hate the stock exhaust and would love a brand new one but can afford it.
  5. Industry Insider - Ninja News
    Leo Vince Offers Ninja 300 Exhausts Courtesy of Leo Vince Friday, February 22, 2013...
  6. Off 250 Tech
    Area P Exhaust for the Ninja 300 Introductory prices will range from $525.00 for the Full Standard Mount System with Stainless Steel Muffler - To $595.00 for the Full Ultra High Mount System with Carbon Fiber Muffler. We'll also be offering a special "pre-production" sale...
  7. Modifications
    Hey everyone! I am new to the forum, and somewhat new to riding. Just have a quick question; I bought a Two Brothers M2 V.A.L.E. Exhaust slip-on for my 2009 650R. I had heard something somewhere claiming that if you modify your exhaust that you should get it re calibrated. Is this true?
  8. Modifications
    Just bought my new bike 2 days ago, and first 2 things i want done immediately are fender eliminator and exhaust. Fender kit is easy enough but would like to know if there are cost efficient options rather than through my local dealer? As for exhaust, i have a friend with a 2007 Honda CBR600RR...
  9. Found
    LeoVince | Ninja 250, CBR 250 GP Exhaust 04/20/2012 LeoVince GP Corsa Exhaust LeoVince USA has begun shipping the new GP Corsa Exhaust for Honda & Kawasaki 250 Sportbikes, giving 250 owners the option to lightweight horsepower in a sleek design package at a ridiculously reasonable price...
  10. Found
    That's right, my exhaust smells like sweet cherries! Last year at the Ninja 250 Rally on the Dragon, I kept smelling something fruity the whole way up the dragon. Well come to find out, one of the other 250 riders in front of me was the one smelling up the joint. When I mentioned the smell, he...
  11. Ninja Pictures & Videos
    I haven't been on the site in a while but I have been working on learning how to ride my bike, and modifying it =] I have alot done to it so if you have any questions about any if it just let me know!!! Dynojet kit stage 2(using the 108 jets right now) and K&N pod... Jardine GP1 full exhaust...
1-11 of 12 Results