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  1. Ninja 250/300 (All Model years)
    Motorcycle Battery Maintenance Tips The term 12 volt battery does not actually represent the complete power of the battery. It is just a convenient term used to set one battery apart from another. A fully charged battery of 12 volts will measure about 12.8 or more volts between terminals...
  2. Ninja 250/300 (All Model years)
    I own a 1989 kawasaki ninja ZX600r c2 and i need to replace a turn signal. Not just the bulb or the lense, but the entire unit. I can see where the turn signal wire feed into, but I can't figure out how to un-wire and rewire new turn signals into there. Any help?
  3. Ninja 250/300 (All Model years)
    I had my IC Igniter (ignition/timing control ) replaced because it was not working properly. In high outside temps (80 degrees or above) the tachometer would be off any where between 200-500 rpms. That was at idle and throughout the range of gears and speeds. This would only happen after...
1-3 of 3 Results