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  1. Rider Safety, Accident Analysis
    Hi everyone, So some of you may have heard and some may not but Moto GP Moto2 lost a rider in a fatal accident in a practice session just 2 days ago. Luis Salmon was an up and coming rider who has only been in the circuit a few years. He came up to Moto2 after being hugely successful in the...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I need help. Actually. I layed my bike down hard. And i don't know where to start on the repaird:facepalm:
  3. Rider Safety, Accident Analysis
    No one likes to think about crashing or dropping their motorcycle, however, the reality of our hobby and sport of choice is that crashes do happen. Rather than not thinking about crashing or laying it down, there are some things you can do to help minimize the results of one, mainly...
  4. Off-Topic Media
    This is one lucky guy! (actually 2) It's hard to see, but his back pack kept his head from slamming the ground. Amazing motorcycle accident - YouTube
  5. Off-Topic Media
    Car Crashes Into 3 Motorcyclists - YouTube That car's one HID light looks like a motorcycle at first glance. OH MAN!! What do ya do in a situation like that?
  6. Rider Safety, Accident Analysis
    Hey everyone. :nonono: I was going about 40 mph with the right of way through an intersection recently, and a car was in the turning lane the opposite side of the street. The motorist managed to wait what felt like forever as I approached the intersection slowly on a flat road. We were visible...
1-6 of 6 Results