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  1. Modifications
    I heard people talking about removing the snorkel from the ninja 250 and it giving it a little bit of a meaner sound, but making it run super lean (as opposed to pretty lean). So shimming the carb needles sounded like a good idea, but after I went through all the trouble of buying the 3mm...
  2. Ninja 250/300 (All Model years)
    I went to look at an '09 ninja 250 for/with my friend. The owner said it had been sitting awhile, so I know there could possibly be problems with the battery, carbs, hoses, etc. in the near future. But, the bike started up fairly well for how long he said it had been sitting. It idled below...
  3. Ninja FAQ & Tech Specs
    hello everyone! i dont really have much time to search so i decided to ask the community if anybody know that the zxr 400 carb (cvk d32) fits on a zxr 250 engine? i know its bigger than the factory carb of a zxr250 (cvk d30). the other thing id like to ask is the zxr400 crankshaft works...
  4. Industry Insider - Ninja News
    New Carburetor for the 2008-2012 Ninja 250 from Yoshimura 2008-2012 Yoshimura Mikui TMR-MJN32 Carburetor Description Bore Size (mm) φ32 Body Interval 68 SpigotDiameter(mm) 38mm SpigotLength(mm) 24mm Note: Requires Oil Breather Tank Kit (Part No. 532-001-0000) MJN Carburetor -...
1-4 of 4 Results