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  1. Off 250 Tech
    So guess who was an idiot and forgot to put their battery on a trickle charger before winter storage? That's right, this guy. Went to fire up the bike and the battery is dead. I'm assuming I'm just gonna have to buy a new one. I searched online a bit, just to see how much one was and they ranged...
  2. How To's | Ninja Wrenching 101
    I am trying to jumpstart my ninja 250r, and at first I could not find which end of the batter is the positive end. And every time I try to connect the negative. The plug sparks up on me. I am afraid I am ruining the bike, but I do not know how to jump start the battery.
  3. Ninja ZX-6,7,9 & 10 (All Model Years)
    hello everyone, new to the site and it seems that i joined in the nick of time as i have a problem with my 2003 zx12, if i am posting in the wrong area please forgive me and moderator please move my post ok here it is in a nutshell stopped at the gas station the other night and when i went to...
  4. Ninja 250/300 (All Model years)
    Motorcycle Battery Maintenance Tips The term 12 volt battery does not actually represent the complete power of the battery. It is just a convenient term used to set one battery apart from another. A fully charged battery of 12 volts will measure about 12.8 or more volts between terminals...
1-4 of 4 Results