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  1. Off 250 Tech
    Area P/Fuel Moto FI Micro Tuners for Ninja 300 The Fuel Moto Micro Tuner features a powerful range of fuel adjustments, utilizing proprietary logic. The new Micro Programmers are available exclusively from Area P and Fuel Moto only. We’ve had a long-term relationship with Fuel Moto and asked...
  2. Off 250 Tech
    Area P Dyno Charts Below are our dyno graphs from our initial R&D tuning sessions. We have created 7 base maps to work with initially and will continue to refine & perfect them, creating an even larger data base. In addition, as previously indicated, our partner in the FI Micro Programmer...
  3. Off 250 Tech
    Area P Exhaust for the Ninja 300 Introductory prices will range from $525.00 for the Full Standard Mount System with Stainless Steel Muffler - To $595.00 for the Full Ultra High Mount System with Carbon Fiber Muffler. We'll also be offering a special "pre-production" sale...
1-3 of 3 Results