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  1. Ninja 250/300 (All Model years)
    I went to look at an '09 ninja 250 for/with my friend. The owner said it had been sitting awhile, so I know there could possibly be problems with the battery, carbs, hoses, etc. in the near future. But, the bike started up fairly well for how long he said it had been sitting. It idled below...
  2. Motorcycles for Sale/Wanted
    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and am enlisting your help and expertise. I am a new rider, got my licence several months ago in South Texas and am looking at purchasing a used ninja 250r. I found the following listing on craigslist and am seriously considering going to check it out...
  3. Ninja 250/300 (All Model years)
    Can any one tell me if I will have any issues putting a motor from a 2009 ninja ex250 on my 94 ninja ex250 thanks
1-3 of 3 Results